The UConn Ballroom Dance team is the competitive facet of our organization. Along with the competition we host each fall, our team travels to a number of schools each semester, including Yale, MIT, and Tufts. In order to prepare for said competition, lessons are more in-depth then those of the Club. We also meet more frequently for additional seminars and open practice. However, like the club, no prior experience is necessary, nor are any kind of auditions held. Being on the team provides individuals with the opportunity to explore dancing more seriously, and also to learn a variety of different dances not touched upon in club. We train in both the American and International styles of dance, which, over time, will give you the opportunity to learn up to 19 different competitive dances!

For those of you who have never danced before, but are interested in being a part of our team, there is plenty of instruction for our new dancers to help them develop all of the fundamentals they need for competition. Our primary lessons are held every Thursday night following Club from 9:00 to 11:00. In addition to these lessons we also have open practices on Monday and Tuesday nights and Sunday afternoons. Some Sundays, however, will be reserved for special coaching seminars. During any open practice, Mentors are available to help facilitate practice and address any questions or problems dancers may be having.

Of course, being on the team isn't just about competing. We're also performers, and get asked to do many demonstrations throughout the year for a number of events. Sometimes though, its fun to let loose, and we often do this through social dancing. Social dancing is a great way to de-stress and meet new people, and the team will often plan trips to go off campus for such dances, and sometimes plans our own. And of course, we plan some non-dancing social events too!

If you are interested in joining the team, you'll need to register online. You can do this by clicking on the link in the gray box on the left side of this page. Once you've filled out your information and printed out your form, you can bring it to a Monday night practice along with your team dues. Dues to join team for the semester are $50 for students (or $60 for non students). However, $30 of this amount (or $40 for non students) are your dues to join Club. All team members are expected to actively participate in both Club and Team, as the Club lessons still provide an important amount of instruction. All team members need to have registered and paid their dues in order to compete and to receive our e-mails, so its important that you make sure to do this!

One last thing you may be wondering about is partnerships. Like club, you will not need a partner to join the team. Many of the more advanced team members have formed partnerships for various styles, however, this is not necessary for you to do right away. We encourage new dancers to work with as many people as possible before committing to a partnership. Help is also available for those individuals who would like to compete but haven't yet figured out a partnership.